Topeka Natural Food Coop

News From Wakarusa Valley                               September 12, 2008


            This week’s bag features mushrooms--the lobster mushroom and the pink oyster, two very different organisms.  The lobsters are wild and the pinks grew on sawdust in a grow room.  The lobsters live on other fungi parasitizing them.  The pinks are wood decomposers.  Today we received a shipment from Northwest Mycologicals that included a culture of Hericium, the Pom Pom and a bag of grain spawn of Hupsizygus Shimeji or the Elm oyster.  It is not a true oyster and it is much firmer and better flavored than most Pleurotus (oyster) species.  Look for different types of mushrooms in the upcoming bags along with plenty of greens that are looking good if they don’t drown this weekend.  We do have the hoop house ready to plant so a dry patch of ground awaits us.  This is good because it is going to take awhile for the outside soil to dry out.  We are measuring 3 inches  of rain since Thursday at noon.  We’ve been dry over the summer so the rain is really easing into the ground.  Expect maybe winter squash, apples, and an assortment of other vegetables next week.  I hope the toads don’t strangle tonight.