Dried Mushrooms

Recipes for fresh noodles and soups coming soon.

King Oyster

Pluerotus eryngii receives its name from the plants it associates with in Europe, the eryngium, or carrot family.  The dense fruiting bodies hold up under high heat and work well with marinades on the grill or under the broiler.  However, my personal preference is a battered King.  Coat sliced mushrooms in flour, then egg wash, followed by panko break crumbs.  Pan fry and devour.  The mushrooms produces on both straw and wood substrates, but with little variation  in color, texture, and flavor.  

Black Poplar

This choice edible is unique when compared to other cultivated mushroom varieties.  It's hollow stalk, viscid cap, and delicate ring (annulus) are pleasing to the eye.  However, the real magic in this mushroom stems from its taste.  Earthy and sweet, the dainty fruiting bodies are excellent when stir fried whole, or in the case of larger specimens, thinly sliced and well cooked.  A mushroom not to be forgotten when allowed to serve as a central ingredient.


This unique strain of oyster fruits singularly or in small clusters.  A slower grower than the true oyster mushroom, but produces fine fruiting bodies on both wood and straw substrates.  Larger mushrooms have hollow stalks and firmer flesh.

Gray Dove

Blue-gray caps of this oyster variety form as clusters under cooler temperatures.  This easy to grow heavy producer also fruits on inoculated straw in the garden (see website front page photos).


Grill 'em


A toothed fungus, this hairy creature known as Pom pom blanc in France has a flavor similar to crab or seafood.  Finely shredded in a stir fry or marinated and layered in a baking dish, this mushroom will lead you towards new culinary discovery.

Golden Oyster

This photogenic organism is almost too beautiful to cook up.  But once you try it, you may think otherwise.  The golden oyster has a soft texture and tangy flavor unlike any of the more common Pleurotus varieties.  Sautee in butter and enjoy over Wheatfield's toast to savor this specialty.